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The Perlmutter Law Firm also handles Matrimonial/Divorce Law..



"Mr. Perlmutter represented me in my divorce, and was recommended to me through another great lawyer who was promoted to be a court judge. I have a lot of respect for him since he is a person who is honest, responsible, and respectable; Good people are hard to find these days. He answered my emails the same day I sent them to him and helped me put into detail the visitation for my ex husband that family court hadwritten up very vaguely (leading to an open door for interpretation). I've come across many lawyers who only care about the amount of money going into their pockets. He is not one of them."


Stephanie Lanza Cerreta

"Mr. Perlmutter has been our family attorney for over two years. He has been nothing but pleasant and extremely professional. He made a hard situation extremely easy, showing us the proper process in completing what we had to do. He even made it easy mentally. Mr. Perlmutter makes you feel like family, rather than just another client. I have worked with attorneys in the past, and none have made me feel as welcomed and supported as Eric. Please, strongly consider using him for all of your legal needs, as you won't regret it!"


Alyssa Mejia

"Eric Perlmutter helped my husband with a visitation case after months of not being able to see his kids. He was smart and strategic with all aspects of the case and has even gone above and beyond by making himself available for any questions or concerns we have had since. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through a similar issue and will be using his services again if ever needed in the future."


Andrea Rayne Irias

"Mr. Perlmutter made quick work of what could have been a contentious and drawn out custody battle over my son. My son's father did not follow the court ordered visitation nor would he communicate with me. Eric was invaluable in helping me through this confusing and difficult time. He was very responsive when I became overwhelmed and sent him massive emails. He was very comfortable with the law and clearly maintained a professional relationship with judges and opposing counsel. We didn't have to go to court for very long. Ultimately, Eric effectively communicated this with my ex-husband's attorney and came to an agreement for full custody with minimal dispute. I was sure my ex-husband would fight my petition, but Eric got us out of court as soon as possible. Eric empowered and supported me and took great care to avoid unnecessary litigation."


Bhanmattie Hulasiya

"Mr. Eric Perlmutter is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in family law. In June 2017 Mr. Perlmutter represented me and helped me win sole legal and physical custody of my granddaughter after the death of my son. He is very well versed in all the relevant case laws. He is a strong litigator in the courtroom. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for him. Eric Perlmutter fought hard for me and he will fight hard for you.



"Eric handled my ACS case and child custody case. He was able to establish my paternity and get rid of ACS. Then I had a custody case with the mother and I had Eric handled it. Eric is highly knowledgeble, well prepared and fully committed. I would highly recommend eric."