Dear Mr. Perlmutter, 

“Mr. Eric Perlmutter is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in family law. In June 2017 Mr. Perlmutter represented me and helped me win sole legal and physical custody of my granddaughter after the death of my son. He is very well versed in all the relevant case laws. He is a strong litigator in the courtroom. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for him. Eric Perlmutter fought hard for me and he will fight hard for you.

Sincerest Thanks from Bhanmattie Hulasiya and family.”

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for Your hard work.

- Bhanmattie Hulasiya

When the judge ordered that my son and I would have separate lawyers, I broke down in tears. I was so confused. I was seeking full custody of my son and I had never stood before a judge. Eric was invaluable in helping me through this confusing and difficult time. I was a full time student and I worked part time. My son’s father did not follow the court ordered visitation nor would he communicate with me. I went to court hoping to get my son away from him, to protect him from the hostile exchanges and constant disappointment. I was angry. Eric listened very closely and took the time to understand our situation. He looked passed my anger and knew that what my son needed was consistent visits and what I needed was communication with his father. He made everything seem easy and when I became overwhelmed and sent him massive emails, he responded to me and made extra time for me in his office. He helped me understand why my son had a separate lawyer and made me comfortable with the process. We didn’t have to go to court for very long. Ultimately, Eric effectively communicated this with my ex-husband’s attorney and came to an agreement with minimal dispute. I was sure my ex-husband would fight my petition, but Eric got us out of court as soon as possible. I received full custody and Eric persuaded my ex-husband to share his contact information though it was not something that could be reinforced. More importantly, instead of having to keep my son from his father, they set a new court order and explained to me how to follow up if it wasn’t working out. Eric empowered and supported me. It took some time and communication, but my son and I have since had a great relationship with his dad.

- Andrea Gombor


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