Family Offenses

A Family Offense can cause litigation in multiple courts, including a New York State Family Court, a New York State Criminal Court, and an Integrated Domestic Violence Court. An experienced attorney is needed to figure out where and how to proceed. The Perlmutter Law Firm can do just that. Family offenses typically occur as a result of a domestic dispute. Parents engage in a physical or verbal altercation, a parent is in dispute with a child, or an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is stalking/harassing the petitioner. If you require representation for a family offense, the Perlmutter Law Firm has a unique background in family law that is well suited for these types of cases. Family offenses are statutorily enumerated in both the Penal Law and the Family Court Act, and can be prosecuted either civilly in the family court, or criminally in the criminal court, or both.

In order to begin a Family Offense proceeding in court, one must first meet certain criteria. First, the petitioner and the respondent must be part of the “same family or household,” or the petition must be dismissed. Second, the petitioner and respondent must be related by affinity or consanguinity, or be legally married to one another, or formerly married to one another, or have a child in common, or have been in an “intimate” relationship. And lastly, one of the enumerated family offenses must have been committed.

In addition, an experienced family law attorney can help guide you through the complex process to make sure your rights are protected. One should never walk into a courtroom without an attorney.

If you are the victim or believe that you are a victim of a family offense, you may go to Family Court to seek assistance and relief. It is also important to know that if your life is in jeopardy, your first line of defense is the police. You can also contact Perlmutter Law Firm, where we have years of experience in Family Court handling countless family offense cases. We will aggressively protect your rights and fight for you. Call our office for a consultation.