Abuse and Neglect

Handling an Article 10 Family Court Abuse and/or Neglect case requires an experienced attorney familiar with the court process throughout New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk County. The Perlmutter Law Firm has that experience. Abuse and Neglect is an area of family law most commonly associated with the alleged mistreatment of children. Child abuse and neglect is defined as a failure on the part of a parent or caretaker that results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, or imminent risk of such harm. Abuse and neglect charges can also refer to a failure to act, which results in imminent risk of serious harm. If you have been accused of the abuse and neglect of a family member—especially a child—seek the counsel of an attorney from the Perlmutter Law Firm right away.

There are several types of child abuse and neglect charges in New York State courts. Abuse charges refer to any injury inflicted on a child, whether the injury was intentional or otherwise. Neglect is considered a substantial failure of a parent or guardian to provide for a child’s basic needs, including: appropriate guardianship, physical needs including food and shelter medical attention, proper education, and emotional attention. The Perlmutter Law Firm, located in Jamaica, Queens and serving all 5 boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk County,is well versed in all areas of abuse and neglect charges.

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