Sibling Visitation

The relationships people share with siblings are often the longest-lasting they will ever have. Siblings are there from the beginning, and they are often still around after parents, spouses and even children, are gone.

We have all heard the term “visitation” before, especially if you have been involved in a child custody dispute or divorce.  The term most often used by New York family law lawyers and professionals is “parenting time”, which refers to the legal right (and obligation) of a parent to spend time with one’s child following a divorce or break up.

Sibling relationships help children achieve developmental milestones as well as provide emotional support, companionship, and comfort in times of change. When children are separated from their siblings, the research indicates that a number of children feel “they have lost a part of themselves,” which compounds the anxiety and pain they feel over the separation from their parents and transition to a new home.  Siblings placed together use their relationships to understand who they are. Not only do siblings help children to adapt to such new and frightening situations, but they also  remain important figures throughout their lives.

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