Name Changes

In the state of New York, any individual has the right to legally change their name. The need to change one’s name often occurs after a divorce where a woman wishes to go by her maiden name again. Individuals also change their name after adoption, as well as after an estrangement from family. It is illegal to change one’s name in order to escape financial obligations or perpetrate fraud. The process is straightforward, and starts by filing a petition with the Supreme Court in the county in which you reside. The Perlmutter Law Firm can handle this for you at any court throughout New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk County

The procedure for changing your name after a divorce is governed by state law. In most states, you can go back to any last name you’ve used before, including your maiden name or that of a previous spouse. You may also use a hyphenated name if you prefer.

This procedure for name change is arduous in a number of ways. There are special mailing requirements and requirements for a newspaper advertisement announcing the name change. There are a number of other hurdles. No matter what the reason is for seeking a name change, you should seek advice from a qualified New York family law attorney. At the Perlmutter Law Firm we can help with your case.