Foster Parent Representation

When court looms and the consequences of losing are unacceptable, don’t take a risk due to a lack of representation.  Foster parents need a spokesperson who can effectively negotiate the legal labyrinth. They need a knowledgeable and successful attorney.

Losing a child to whom you are bonded and hoped to adopt is one such occasion. A long-lost relative may emerge at the last minute involving a change in the permanency plan or precipitating a contested adoption. The child welfare department may have found a permanent home other than yours. In these cases, the child welfare department is not on your side. Take nothing for granted. Adoption from foster care is a complicated web, involving multiple parties, many different laws and child welfare policies, subsidies, kin-come-lately, and other issues. You need to have your own attorney to represent your interests in court.

If you are a foster parent and are concerned about your rights or are considering becoming a Guardian or adopting a foster child, please send the  Perlmutter Law Firm an email or call our office.  We will be happy to arrange a consultation.