Termination Of Parental Rights

The procedure for termination of parental rights can be very confusing and varies from state to state. The Perlmutter Law Firm can help you understand what your rights are as a parent and how they can be terminated. We can also represent you in court and file any necessary paperwork. We handle matters in all 5 boroughs throughout New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk County.

“Parental rights” refers to the rights of parents to make decisions concerning their children. Generally, a parent has the right to determine their child’s care and custody, to educate and discipline their child, and to control their child’s earnings and property. “Termination of parental rights” is the legal term for severing these rights, privileges, and responsibilities regarding the child.

Parental rights are terminated on an individual basis, meaning that one birth parent can have his or her parental rights terminated while the other parent’s rights remain unaffected. Termination of both parents’ parental rights frees the child for adoption. There are two ways to terminate parental rights: voluntary termination and involuntary termination.

The termination of parental rights (TPR) is a serious legal action with permanent effects on fundamental parental rights. Whether the situation leading to a TPR action is agreeable (such as an adoption by a stepparent) or not, it is important to have experienced legal counsel to guide you through the process and help you understand the rights you may be giving up or seeking to have someone else relinquish. The Perlmutter Law Firm can help you.